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Baanya Battle
The annual Baanya camp was held at Rocky Creek campsite in 2012. This is a scene from the Baanya Battle  where Scouts constructed their own ‘Forts’ and ‘did battle’ with flour bombs. See the Scout section page for a more comprehensive review. 
Scouts - Be Prepared
Has anyone heard about our Patrol Leader who took pancake shaker bottle mix to Moreton Island, and forgot to take the frypan to cook it in. What happened to the old scout motto, ‘Be Prepared’. 
PL’s at Moreton Island
The annual patrol leaders camp was held at Moreton Island and was attended by 70 Scouts from Brisbane North region. Our troop had 4 Scouts at the adventure. On arrival n the Island, we were advised that we would have to camp at the Ben Ewa camp site because the facilities at The Wrecks campsite could not handle that many people. It was a great weekend with a trip to The Dessert for sand tobogganing, and some scuba diving around The Wrecks. Some scouts said that the best part was the trip over and back in the MiCat which has an excellent cafe.
Scouts and Venturers set out on Kin Kin hike

Lake MacDonald is the starting point for the hike

We arrived at the Scout Campsite at Lake MacDonald around 9.00 PM on Friday night. There were already several groups who had set up their camp sites so we were especially quiet so as not to disturb them. We made supper and then off to bed as we planned an early start next morning. We left he campsite at 8.30 the next morning, but unfortunately, all did not go according to plan. Lucky, that we had he 2 way radios with us and were able to seek assistance from Opossum to get us back on track. We camped at Kin Kin overnight and then set out for the second leg of our hike on Sunday morning. We were please to see Opossum, Kim and Sam’s Farther, Rod, waiting at the destination, to transport us back to Brisbane.