We love programming, especially when it's at the donut factory. A client was using Excel to control his client orders, production scheduling and sales reporting.. We studied his requirements and then created an integrated approach which simplifies order taking, made production scheduling easier and produced daily sales reports. The programme controlled all facets of his business and after 3 months of use, he was able to drasically reduce wastage, streamline his staffing, and spend more time chasing new business. Memories of Norfolk Island Returning from a holiday on Norfolk Island, A client wanted to show off her snapshots, but was keen, not to bore her audience. We took her digital photos, selected the best shots, and then produced a professional DVD with background music, sound effects, transitions, and incorporated some audio she had recorded on the island. The result was a film show which would do credit to any TV travel show. Birthday parties, holiday movies, weddings are all within our range. We will edit from your film or bring along our own cameras. A newly established company needed a website. The customer wanted a website, to which he could direct his customers, and show them the large range of products which were available..He also wanted to try Email marketing, but was unsure how to set it up. We produced a website for him, and then liaised with his ISP to  set up the mailing lists and to get his marketing campaign under way. Bo Peep Graphics staff have been involved in website design for over 10 years. Annual golfing tournament A local golf club was hosting an annual tournament, and needed a flier for the contestants' wives bus trip, which took place whilst their menfolk were busy on the golf course. We travelled the route the bus was to take, took photos and notes, and then produced the flier, which was included in the tournament showbag. Bo Peep Graphics staff have experience in creating and producing a wide range of commercial literature from simple fliers like this one, to 1000 page catalogues. Ask us about our experience with electronic media, CD and web based catalogues, and On Line updating. Simple or Complex Programming and Design © Bo Peep Graphics 2012 All Rights Reserved Bo Peep Graphics Bo Peep Graphics